When The Beat Was Born 7/26/12

I’m happy to announce that I recently completed work on When The Beat Was Born, a children’s book written by Laban Hill which tells the story of DJ Kool Herc and his part in birthing hip-hop culture. I’ve been working on this book for quite a while and it feels great to see a finished product. I’ll discuss it more when Roaring Brook Press publishes it around Spring of next year.

  1. This is fantastic! Congratulations!!!

  2. markeia says:

    Can’t wait to buy it!!

  3. Aunt Puddin says:

    Yea-a-a-a! It’s finally done. Congratulations, Teddy! I’m so proud of you. I feel like throwing a party after it’s published so everybody can be as proud as I am! Can’t wait to see a copy of it!